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Corporate Message

Connecting People with Laughter and Pleasant Surprise

It is undeniable that entertainment plays a vital role in civilization over centuries. TAITO, an entertainment provider, keeps delighting, exciting and connecting people through the spaces and contents created.

“Entertainment Style Reform” by TAITO

In 24 hours a day, we can only freely utilize our time for only about 6 and a half hours excluding working hours, bedtime etc. TAITO has been questioning “can we do something to bring more excitement to our free time?” Therefore, the “Entertainment Style Reform” is born. It is also a measure to assist the “Work Style Reform”, which has been actively introduced by the Japanese government to ease the labor problem in the society, through providing entertainment contents and services to cheer everyone up.

Challenges to Physical Entertainment

TAITO keeps injecting innovation into the world with its products and services since its foundation. The 1978 arcade game SPACE INVADERS became an instant global phenomenon, bringing families with joy as well as surprises.
Nowadays, our entertainment has immersed into food service, sports, education leading to a fresh sensation, experiential consumption. This physical entertainment furnishes our amusement facilities and diverts you out of your imagination. Your happiness drives us to explore more unexpected experiential products.

President and Representative Director Katsuhiko Iwaki

Mission - Roles and Purposes -

"We connect, amuse and surprise people of all ages who truly love to have fun, through our entertainment experiences and spaces."

Entertainment is a crucial part to catalyze our life to flourish in any generations. The revolutionary games like SPACE INVADERS and DENSHA DE GO!, the heartwarming services as well as the enjoyable facilities are the reflections of our roles and purposes, or simply TAITO’s mission.

Mindset - Our Value and Belief -

Be Playful in the Core

This is our value and belief for our daily tasks.
TAITO believes that as an entertainment provider, we should always be prepared for challenges and improvements and remain playful at all time to influence our customers and give them more surprise and excitement than ever before.
In Japanese wordings, “True Heart” is hidden in our motto. We deliver the message through our hospitality mind and spirit.

Our Logo

The "A" of TAITO with a popping out ball generates the idea of leading in the amusement sector by unlimited creation and enthusiasm in development.

Corporate Principle and Policy

Taito Corporation is a member of SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS CO., LTD.

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