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The website of “I Love Ohsaki” is now opened

Updated July.19,2016 10:00 AM

The website of “I Love Ohsaki” is now opened
Osaki area is located in the northern part of Miyagi prefecture which includes Osaki-shi, Shikama-cho, Kami-machi, Wakuya-cho, and Misato-machi.

Osaki area has a lot of nature, and furthermore, we must note that there are the famous hot springs called “Naruko onsen” in the western part of Osaki area.

You are able to feel nature of Osaki area through our movies in this website. You should be immersed in a 360 degree virtual reality experience!

Please check out the “I love Ohsaki” website here ↓

*Sorry, the page is only available in Japanese language, but you can enjoy and feel nature of Osaki area by watching the movies.

I love Ohsaki